Cheap vs. Affordable Dentures


ValplastIt is possible to get good quality dentures at an affordable price. However, as a consumer you need to be informed as to what are affordable dentures and what are cheap. And by cheap, we mean cheaply made dentures. The Australian Dental Prosthetist Association Qld (ADPAQ) has established a fee guide for all DPs to use when quoting fees. Since there are different materials and different methods that can be used to make dentures there is a range as to what a new set of dentures will cost. …Continue Reading

Cosmetic Dentures

– How natural customised smiles are created

By Michael Carson  Adv.Dip.DP(Qld). Dip.DT(Qld)

People with teeth that are too white, too straight and have a tooth shape that doesn’t compliment their face are easily recognisable by most people as “denture wearers”. However, there are many people who wear dentures that have a smile that looks so natural that not even their best friend knows they have them (unless of course they tell them). The trick to a natural smile is to work with a denture specialist who takes many key factors into consideration when crafting your customized denture. …Continue Reading

Denture Basics


(That you might not know)

Many people over the age of 45 have some sort of removable dental appliance, and  many really don’t know how to care for them. How often they need a check-up? When do I replace an old denture? We have outlined some basic facts so that you can rest easy knowing that you are informed.

 Cleaning the DentureTooth Toothbrush

Dentures should be cleaned with a paste designed for dentures, or even liquid dish soap every day and stored in water over night. Regular toothpaste should NOT be used on your dentures. They are too abrasive, causing scratches that allow plaque to build up on the dentures. …Continue Reading

Denture myths. Get the facts!

Cats Smile 2“Dentures last forever!”
Although you may have heard of those who have had dentures for over 10 years, it’s best for your comfort and health to replace your dentures every 6-8 years. While it’s true that dentures are durable, they aren’t any more permanent than eyeglasses. As the bones in your face and jaw change, your dentures will not fit as well as they should. Even with care, dentures change over time as well. They begin to lose their natural appearance and chewing ability. In some cases your denture can become loose in even just a couple of years due to these ongoing changes. In this case a reline can be done instead of replacing the denture. …Continue Reading

Dentures Deserve Specialists

Denture Repairs 2What do you do if your denture breaks?  Where do you go if your denture is loose or needs replacing? Where do you go to get the best quality product and most timely service?  One of the most important questions to ask is “Who to trust with your dentures?”

Dental prosthetists (DPs) are recognised health professionals who specialise in the construction and insertion of removable dentures — complete dentures, partial dentures, immediate dentures and over dentures.  …Continue Reading

Heart Disease and Dentures

Heart MonthSeptember is Heart Month, the perfect time for denture wearers to gain awareness of how your oral health affects your risk for heart disease.

New scientific research shows a link between periodontal or gum disease and heart disease.  But by taking a little time each day, even if it means, at the very least rinsing your denture with soap and water when you go to the bathroom, you can help minimise the risks of heart disease.

First, how do you get periodontal disease? We hear the words on toothpaste commercials all the time… …Continue Reading

Learning When to Replace Dentures

MDP Couple 2There is no specifically agreed upon timeline according to dental prosthetists (DPs) as to when a denture should be replaced.

There are instances where dentures have been replaced after one year or less, and on the opposite side of the spectrum, there are people who have worn the same dentures for 25 or more years. These ranges obviously are extremes. However, on average, DPs seem to be replacing dentures every six to eight years. There are a number of different things that need to be examined to determine whether it is time for a new set. …Continue Reading

Old and Worn Dentures Need to be Replaced

Acrylic DenturesIn Australia 32% of people aged 55 or more wear dentures. Overall14.5 per cent of the population wear dentures.

However in most cases, it is very difficult to tell who is in fact wearing dentures. This is largely due to the fact that most people are wearing properly fitted and recently replaced dentures. However, there are far too many who are still wearing old dentures with worn teeth and improper fit. You can spot it a mile away. …Continue Reading

Polishing your Denture for the Holidays

Brush Your TeethHave you ever looked at your denture and wonder what’s the best way to get rid of the stains that have developed over the years? You may have tried various cleaning pastes, soaked them in solutions, or even use good ol’ elbow grease to try and scrub those dentures clean. But nothing has truly given you the results you have been looking for? I am often asked what I recommend to get dentures looking their best. …Continue Reading

How to Keep Your Dentures Fitting Comfortably

Soft Denture LinerMany people do not realise is that dentures should stay secure, with no need for adhesives.  Over time the bones in your jaw shrink, (a process called bone resorption), causing the dentures to slowly lose retention and comfort.  If you find that your denture clicks when you eat or speak, or if your denture has fallen out when speaking or laughing out loud, then congratulations, it’s time for a reline!

A dental prosthetist (DP) can usually perform a reline the same day by creating a new mould in your old denture using an accurate impression technique. …Continue Reading

Replacing Teeth with a Better Set

My Denture Place Hervey Bay Uses BPS SystemThe other day I stopped by the grocery store after work and the check-out lady had discovered that I was a dental prosthetist.

As the conversation went on, she jokingly mentioned that she hated her smile and it would be so great to have all her teeth pulled and replaced with a perfect set. I couldn’t help but laugh that someone with perfectly healthy teeth would willingly have them all extracted because she didn’t like the look of her smile. I then realised that few really know what is involved with getting dentures, how long they last, and how to go about getting dentures when they need to be replaced. …Continue Reading


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