Cheap vs. Affordable Dentures


ValplastIt is possible to get good quality dentures at an affordable price. However, as a consumer you need to be informed as to what are affordable dentures and what are cheap. And by cheap, we mean cheaply made dentures. The Australian Dental Prosthetist Association Qld (ADPAQ) has established a fee guide for all DPs to use when quoting fees. Since there are different materials and different methods that can be used to make dentures there is a range as to what a new set of dentures will cost.

You might be surprised to realise that many people just don’t understand what the defining line is between cheap and affordable. An affordable denture should be defined as a denture that gives you value for your investment. An affordable denture should still have durability. A cheap denture may seem like a good idea at first, but after paying for three or four repairs down the road; most denture wearers will come to realise that they did not receive value from their investment. That is the difference between an affordable denture and a cheap denture. Although, with that being said, it is still possible to find quality in an affordable denture if you are willing to make a few compromises. Again, these are compromises in custom design, not overall quality.

When a DP gives a price range for your dentures it usually reflects your choice in teeth selection, the accuracy of impression techniques, along with how precise the equipment used is to determine the dynamics of your bite. A less expensive denture will have lower quality teeth that have less natural characterisation. Your DP may have a very large tooth stock so he/she will first take into account your face shape and tooth tone before selecting a choice of at least 3 shades within that category which will most closely resemble your natural teeth.

When setting up the teeth there is the option of setting the teeth on a fixed or adjustable articulation device. The fixed articulator is often nicknamed “the hinge” as it only gives limited range of your natural biting motion. The adjustable articulator gives the DP a more accurate indication to your full range of biting motion. Generally the fees for dentures fabricated on fixed articulation are lower than those fabricated on an adjustable articulator. Ask your DP to demonstrate the difference in bite accuracy of a fixed articulator compared to an adjustable articulator. For added preciseness the adjustable articulator is the only type used at DentSure regardless of teeth selection at no extra charge.

As you can see, there are ranges in affordability and a DP will be able to find a balance that will not only give you a quality denture but one that will fit within your budget. By making a few compromises in either teeth quality or articulation you can still have a comfortable denture that will give you a beautiful smile and the ability to eat properly.

Michael Carson is a registered Dental Prosthetist (DP) at My Denture Place® located at Shop 4/10 Liuzzi St, Hervey Bay. Ph (07) 4124 0800

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