Cosmetic Dentures

– How natural customised smiles are created

By Michael CarsonĀ  Adv.Dip.DP(Qld). Dip.DT(Qld)

People with teeth that are too white, too straight and have a tooth shape that doesn’t compliment their face are easily recognisable by most people as “denture wearers”. However, there are many people who wear dentures that have a smile that looks so natural that not even their best friend knows they have them (unless of course they tell them). The trick to a natural smile is to work with a denture specialist who takes many key factors into consideration when crafting your customized denture.

This is what you should expect when visiting a dental prosthetist (DP) for a natural smile that is comfortable and functional:

1. Your first appointment is an initial consultation. You and the DP will discuss all your options and you will decide together what products and procedures are the best fit for your individual needs. It is usually at this appointment or the next that he will take a preliminary impression of your mouth.

2. On the next visit a “custom impression tray” will have been created from the first impression. With the new custom tray, the DP will then take a final, more exact, impression. This is the model he will be using to create your new denture.

3. The third visit will be a bite registration procedure. Since each patient bites differently, accurate calculations must be made to ensure that the denture will function with your natural jaw movements. At this appointment the DP will also be selecting the shade and shape of tooth. The shades of teeth vary from gray undertones to red to yellow or even a combination! The variations in colour are so precise that your new teeth can be matched almost exactly to your remaining natural teeth. If there are no natural teeth to match to, the DP will match the teeth according to what best compliments your skin tone. The shape of the tooth is also selected. The teeth can be square, or tapered at the top or tapered at the bottom. The shape of the teeth are selected based on what best compliments the shape of your face. In the laboratory, the denturist creates a trial denture with your new smile set in dental wax.

4. A “trial fitting” is your next appointment. The “trial denture” will be fitted, and any adjustments made. Only after you are happy with your new smile, and your correct bite is confirmed will the denture be processed for completion.

5. Upon completion, your dentures will be fitted, any final refinements will be made, and instructions of care will be provided.

6. An adjustment appointment is usually your final visit. The DP will confirm comfort and fit also of your new dentures at this stage.

When you are ready for a new denture be sure to choose a DP that you feel comfortable with and one that is knowledgeable and answers any questions you may have.

Be wary of choosing dentures based on price alone. As with anything, you get what you pay for. Better dentures may cost more, but this is only due to the time and care it takes to make the best product that you will use every day, for years to come! It will usually take 2-4 weeks to complete a new denture. If there is a deadline, make sure the DP is aware so that you can have your new smile for that special event.

Michael Carson is a registered Dental Prosthetist (DP) at My Denture PlaceĀ® located at Shop 4/10 Liuzzi St, Hervey Bay. Ph (07) 4124 0800

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