Answering Your Concerns

It goes without saying that before you get new dentures that you want to gather all the necessary information to help you make the right decision. The information below will help you to address your concerns and questions.

Did you shop around?

Most people do. When looking for a denture provider people usually ask only about the price of the denture. Is the ‘denture price’ the best indicator of the quality?… Usually Yes

You will find that a denture can be priced from around $600.00 to $10,000 and much more. With a ‘bargain’ denture one may pretty much bet that the quality would match the price. Like most things, you do get what you pay for.

We’ve also seen some poor quality and ill-fitting dentures that left the patient with a bill of a few thousand dollars. Somewhere in between is a high quality set of dentures for a fair price, and it does not have to cost $5000.00. Well,… how to find it?… When initially searching for a denture provider, did you ask if the quoted denture came with a warranty of at least 1 year that covers adjustments, cracks and fallen out teeth (labour and materials) even if you accidentally drop them?

If there was no such warranty, you should have asked ‘why not?’ We believe in our service, products and materials.If the provider did not offer a warranty for all of these things as standard, you may expect additional costs for adjustments and repairs in the very near future.

We have seen people that chose the ‘bargain’ dentures but spent $100’s on repairs and adjustments that were needed (repeatedly) within weeks and months after they received their new dentures.

Sadly these people were often discouraged from revisiting the denture provider, their relationship soured and the person lost faith in the provider’s abilities and their own dentures. At their own extra expense they then went and had the dentures re-made by another provider.

When a provider gives a price range for your dentures it usually also reflects their choice in teeth selection, the accuracy of impression techniques, along with how precise the equipment used is to determine the dynamics of your bite. At mydentureplace you choose which teeth you want. A less expensive denture will usually mean less expensive materials, techniques and lower quality teeth that have less natural characterisation.

When setting up the teeth in the laboratory there is the option for the provider for setting the teeth on a fixed or adjustable articulation device. The fixed articulator is often nicknamed “the hinge” as it only gives limited range of your natural biting motion (like a crocodile). The adjustable articulator gives the provider a more accurate indication to your full range of biting motion and you usually have fewer adjustments as your bite is already balanced.

For added preciseness the adjustable articulator is the only type used at mydentureplace regardless of teeth selection – at no extra charge.


Our dentures exceed most denture fabrication requirements and they are all guaranteed for a minimum period of a full year against breakage or tooth loss when you follow the prescribed treatment plan.

What this means to you is if in the first year if anything breaks or comes off your original denture made by us under normal wear and tear (that includes even if you accidentally drop them!) we will repair it at no charge to you.

The only time the warranty may not be honoured is in the rare case of a partial denture modification in which you lose a natural tooth and we need to add extra teeth to the new denture. Your partial denture was designed and made with the existing natural teeth incorporated into the denture design. By losing one or more of your natural teeth in this instance there can be no guarantee on the partial denture as it may be under an extra force that it wasn’t originally designed for.

Our Dentures

We prescribe and make your dentures directly to you.

They are custom made for you right here in our own laboratory. The naturally shaped teeth (no picket fence look) used are selected from several quality European tooth manufacturers and techniques to meet your individual smile.

Unlike many clinics we are happy to tell you which products and systems we use. Feel free to look them up on the Internet.



Producing dentures at mydentureplace requires a high level of technical expertise, laboratory and clinical time because we only use the best materials and equipment currently available in the dental profession.

Our natural looking dentures consider gender, age, and personality when restoring your smile and appearance.

The smiles we create are in harmony with your appearance and are truly unique. Your teeth should radiate character, attractiveness, and liveliness. They should provide you with self-confidence, charisma and self-assurance.

Most people who come to see us are friends of our previous patients who have been happy to recommend them to us.

Key facts

  •     Longer-lasting, natural looking denture teeth made from the next generation materials
  •     1-year guarantee! Includes all adjustments and repairs (Worth $100’s)
  •     Choice of many different tooth shapes, newly developed to compliment age and gender
  •     Choice of the very latest natural tooth colours
  •     Injection moulded, high impact-resistant denture base ensuring a precision fit and superior adhesion to denture teeth
  •     TGA approved product

The partial dentures (when you have some remaining natural teeth) that we offer at mydentureplace are acrylic, light alloy metal framed, and in some cases flexible.

At mydentureplace, we have a preference to use the light alloy metal- framed partial dentures over plastic dentures.

They are much more comfortable, thinner, lighter and superior in strength. They can also outlast their plastic counterparts by many years.


Depending on your denture type the whole process may take a few days or just over a month. Your appointments could vary from 1 to 7 visits.

If you require your dentures in an emergency or rushed timeline we can accommodate you but please be aware that an extra fee could be charged for this service.

Appointments can be individually tailored to suit both our needs.


Fees for dentures vary from case to case, person to person and as we know everyone’s mouths are different. What may suit one person may not suit the next.

A treatment plan that includes the fees will be provided to you after an examination of your mouth and current dentures.

It is especially unwise to provide a quote for partial dentures without first examining you as it depends on the number of components (wires, teeth etc.) that you will require and so that is why we can only provide you with an estimate over the telephone.

Dentures do not last indefinitely. Depending on peoples eating habits, changing mouths, and the materials used, the average life of a denture is about 5 – 8 years. For the ongoing health of your mouth it is recommended to replace your denture during this 5-8 year period.

Health Funds

We have a HICAPS terminal that will process your private fund rebates.

The amount they refund varies from 0% to 100% depending on what treatment you have received and your particular level of cover. In spite of our efforts, we find it impossible to be sure of the amount you will get back.

Claims from health insurers vary from one insurer to the next. While some funds may require only one item number for a service another may require many item codes for the same service..… it’s very frustrating!

We will help you all we can to make your Health Fund claim

Payment Methods

You can pay by Credit Card, Cheque or Cash.

A deposit will be required before any laboratory work is started. We will let you know in advance of the amount. The deposit is 50%.

If you have private health insurance we will process your claim at this stage and if the payment is more than 50% then you will only have to pay the gap once the dentures are finished. If the claim is less than 50% then you will have to pay the gap up to the 50% deposit.

Do I need to see a Dentist first?

Just like a good building, dentures need to be made on solid foundations. If you have any concerns about your natural teeth or mouth you should address and complete these with your own dentist before we start treatment.

If you do not have your own dentist we will happily recommend a dentist to you.

You do not need a referral to see us. That’s right, it is not necessary to obtain a referral from a dentist or GP to get dentures made or to see us here at mydentureplace. You can see us directly.

We are a ‘denture only’ business where that’s all we do and everything is made right here in our own laboratory.

Making the most of your time with us

Your time is very important to you, and that makes it important to us.

We usually run to time, and we will apologise if we keep you waiting.

You will find that we do not rush the denture making process.  We like to work efficiently and with your input so we will all be happy.

Some people like the Drill, Fill and Bill style of Dentistry, where there is little friendliness or discussion and the person is seen more as someone who is there to ‘pay the bills’. We are not that type of business nor are we the dental hospital style of clinic where people are treated like a number and filed in and out.

What Should You Expect!

  •     Dentures that make you feel happy!
  •     Precision dentures that provide optimum function while eating provide comfort while speaking or laughing and instil confidence.
  •     Natural life-like teeth that recreate the character of your individual smile.
  •     Dentures that restore the natural shape of your lips and face.
  •     Please be aware that over time some drastic changes in your mouth and muscles may make it impossible for any dental specialist to fabricate new dentures    to the high expectations you had hoped to get from a new denture. Remember dentures are not a substitute for natural teeth they are only a replacement.


  •    We will endeavour to do our best.

Why we have no front desk

The reason we have limited advertising and no reception counter is we primarily work by invitation and appointments only. Drop-ins are welcome but we may sometimes need to make an appointment for you to come back at a later time. Initially it can take weeks to get in to see us for the first time as our services can sometimes be in high demand. Once you are part of our ‘family’ it is easier to make further appointments see us.

We would like you to be comfortable when you come to see us.  You will have your own private personal lounge area to sit in while we talk about what you want from us. There is no public waiting room.

Many people have told us, and you probably feel the same, that one of the most important things we need to do is listen when you talk.  We find we can do that more easily if we are in private.