Old and Worn Dentures Need to be Replaced

Acrylic DenturesIn Australia 32% of people aged 55 or more wear dentures. Overall14.5 per cent of the population wear dentures.

However in most cases, it is very difficult to tell who is in fact wearing dentures. This is largely due to the fact that most people are wearing properly fitted and recently replaced dentures. However, there are far too many who are still wearing old dentures with worn teeth and improper fit. You can spot it a mile away. Old, worn dentures are not only problematic esthetically (look bad), but they are actually causing a lot of harm. Many of these changes are so gradual over time that most don’t even realise how much the dentures have changed since they were new. Dentures can enhance your appearance and should be worn with confidence. Care of your dentures should be given the same priority as regular health. Old and worn dentures should be immediately addressed and taken care of as a priority. It is important to remember that even with proper cleaning and care, the average life span of dentures is about six to eight years. However, some wait 10 to 20 years or more before getting their dentures replaced.

Men and women have different reasons as to why they put off getting new dentures. Women have the motherly instinct, which naturally causes them to consistently put others’ needs ahead of their own. They try to make the dentures last as long as possible.

Men seem to have various reasons why they put off getting new dentures. Usually men need to be dragged in by their wife or girlfriend to get their dentures replaced. According to an Australian study, men are 25 per cent less likely to go and see a doctor than women. To a large extent, there is a lot of denial going on. If they aren’t going to see their doctor over obvious symptoms such as chest pain, they are even less likely to go and see a dental prosthetist (DP) or dentist and ensure that their dentures are taken care of. But whatever the reason, a denture over six to eight years old needs to be replaced. Many who know they need new dentures choose to place other things as a priority such as a newer car, caravan, cruises or extra Christmas presents for their grandchildren. Replacing your dentures is not a luxury it is a necessity and should be placed as a priority.

Michael Carson is a registered Dental Prosthetist (DP) at My Denture Place® located at Shop 4/10 Liuzzi St, Hervey Bay. Ph (07) 4124 0800

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