Our Clinic


1. Welcome to My Denture Place 2. My Denture Place Entry 3. BPS Cerified Laboratory

Our Clinic is designed with our client in mind.  We would like you to be comfortable when you come to see us.  You will have your own private personal lounge area to sit in while we talk about what you want from us. There is no public waiting room.

Many people have told us, and you probably feel the same, that one of the most important things we need to do is listen when you talk.  We find we can do that more easily if we are in private.

4. My Denture Place Waiting Room 5. Dentist Chair 6. Laboratory

 You can see a video of our place by clicking here

Why we have no front desk

The reason we have no reception counter is because we primarily work by invitation and appointments only. Drop-ins are welcome but we may sometimes need to make an appointment for you to come back at a later time. Initially it can take weeks to get in to see us for the first time as our services can sometimes be in high demand. Once you are part of our ‘family’ it is easier to make further appointments see us.


7. Dentist At Work 8. State of the Art Equipment Our Client Comforts My Denture Place Coffee

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