Replacing Teeth with a Better Set

My Denture Place Hervey Bay Uses BPS SystemThe other day I stopped by the grocery store after work and the check-out lady had discovered that I was a dental prosthetist.

As the conversation went on, she jokingly mentioned that she hated her smile and it would be so great to have all her teeth pulled and replaced with a perfect set. I couldn’t help but laugh that someone with perfectly healthy teeth would willingly have them all extracted because she didn’t like the look of her smile. I then realised that few really know what is involved with getting dentures, how long they last, and how to go about getting dentures when they need to be replaced.

If having any natural teeth removed, many may worry that they will go without teeth while waiting for gums to heal.

This, however, does not need to be the case. Before having the teeth extracted, visit a dental prosthetist (DP). The DP will consult and create a custom ‘immediate’ denture ahead of time. When a person is ready to have their teeth removed, the dentist will then place the ready-made dentures over the extraction sites. The new denture acts as a bandage and the gums will heal under the new set.

DPs create full or partial dentures to fit unique situations. Each person is different, as is each denture. It is where art and science come together. Dentures made by DPs are usually made on-site. It should take about four to six appointments to complete a set of dentures. Book a consultation with a DP without referral.

Full dentures are held in place in the mouth by suction and should not need adhesives. However, for many patients, lower dentures often give them the most trouble. If you are using adhesives to keep a denture in place, it may need to be relined. Relines are usually necessary every two to three years, or when they start to feel loose.

The mouth is constantly changing, through a natural process called bone resorption. But in some cases, soft liners or implant supported dentures may be necessary.

Dentures should be replaced every six to eight years.

Teeth become worn, the bite becomes over closed and the denture can harbour harmful bacteria that affect overall health. New dentures are not a luxury, rather a necessary part of regular health care. Clients will be amazed at how much their chewing power and overall comfort will improve with regular denture maintenance.

At yearly check-up appointments, the DP will examine oral tissues and be able to spot the early signs of diseases and potential cancers. At this appointment, the DP can also professionally clean and polish dentures, getting rid of all the microscopic scratches where bacteria like to grow. The dentures will then feel fresh and clean again.

Michael Carson is a registered Dental Prosthetist (DP) at My Denture Place® located at Shop 4/10 Liuzzi St, Hervey Bay. Ph (07) 4124 0800

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