– Injection Dentures (For Accurate Fit & Comfort). Wide Bay’s first practice to introduce the IvoBase Denture Injection System.

– All Dentures Made With High Impact Resistant Acrylic

– Complete Dentures

– Partial Dentures

– Implant Retained Dentures

– Immediate Dentures

– Flexible Dentures

– Relines

– Repairs

– Tooth Addition to Current Dentures

– Soft Liners

– Clean And Polish Dentures

– Denture Identification

– Mouth Guards

– HiCaps

– Latest Technology





Initial Consultation

My Denture Place Location

Does your smile require some loving care but not exactly sure what ?

At My Denture Place we can evaluate what is required whether it be a  a denture,
partial denture or implant denture.

We will discuss all your options and decide together what products and procedures are the best fit for your individual needs.

We prescribe and make your dentures directly to you.

They are custom made for you right here in our own laboratory. The naturally shaped teeth used are selected from several quality European tooth manufacturers and techniques to meet your individual smile.


My Denture Place Hervey Bay Uses IvoBase Injector System

Complete  Dentures

Full or Partial Dentures are required when you need to replace your natural teeth and your Dental Prosthetist (DP) will create full or partial dentures to fit unique situations.

Each person is different, as is each denture. It is where art and science come together. Dentures made by DPs are usually made on-site. It should take about four to six appointments to complete a set of dentures.

At My Denture Place we use the IvoBase Injector System

We use the latest teeth available to the dental profession.  For more Information, click HERE 


Partial Dentures


Generally required by people who still have some of their natural teeth and only need to replace a few that are missing.

These can be made from  Acrylic, Metal, or Flexible material. Metal and flexible materials can also be combined together for a strong invisible denture.

We can also add additional teeth over time if required.


Flexible Dentures

Virtually Unbreakable and Low Allergy Risk!

thermosens 3Thermosens unbreakable











With a breakthrough in dental technology My Denture Place is leading the way to creating longer lasting, stronger, more aesthetic, non allergic, and cost efficient materials your treating dental professional can now offer you. Not only are you getting a product you can depend on, but a product you wont have to worry might break just by dropping it.


Implant Retained Dentures

Immediate Dentures

Immediate Denture

If you are having several teeth extracted and require ‘immediate dentures’, you can have a temporary denture made. Before having your teeth removed your DP will have an impressions taken of your mouth.

Once your natural teeth are removed your ‘immediate’ denture is fitted into your mouth.

The ‘Immediate denture’ helps in the healing of the gums and provides you with something to chew on during this healing process.




RelinesDentures That Make You Feel Happy

If your dentures are loose they may require a reline. This is normally the result of weight loss, ageing, loss of teeth, wear and tear etc.

Your Prosthetist will take an impression of the inside of your existing denture to reline it. This will not change the appearance of your denture just the fit. It is important not to wear ill fitting dentures.


Denture Repairs

Denture RepairsDo you have a Broken or Cracked Denture?

We can help you with the repair whether it is a full or partial denture. Maybe some of the Teeth have fallen out.

We aim to have your repairs completed efficiently and timely so as you are not inconvenienced.

Note:  Never repair your dentures yourself. Many home repairs are carried out with adhesives that are not safe for the mouth.


Tooth Addition to Current Dentures

Do you wear a Partial Denture and have since lost more of your original teeth?

No need to worry as we can add additional teeth to your current denture.


Soft LinersSoft Denture Liner

Soft liners are great for your gums and are made of a soft denture material that is fitted between the surface of the denture and the soft tissue of the mouth and helps to protect the natural gums from hard plastic dentures.   It is also beneficial to denture wearers who do not have a gum structure.

Users find that the liners feel great on their gums and that they have a snug fit and they can be used with new or existing dentures.


Clean And Polish DenturesTeeth Cleaning

Dentures need to be treated the same as your natural teeth and have regular cleaning. It is recommended that you clean your dentures after meals to prevent inflamed gums, bacteria and fungal infections.

It is also important that your dentures be professionally cleaned by your Prosthetist once a year by ultrasonic cleaning equipment to remove excess tartar buildup and to re-polish dentures with specialised equipment.

For more information read our article Polishing Your Dentures


Denture IdentificationDenture Identification

Like all personal items a denture can be lost or misplaced in a hospital or nursing home.
To help with identification, dentures can be labelled at any time.

A My Dental Place we can insert the labels when they are initially constructed, or at a later time.
The label is inserted in an area of the denture that does not interfere with denture’s function or looks.


Mouth GuardsMouthguard

Dental injuries can be very costly, so a mouthguard not only helps minimise dental injury but can also reduce the severity of concussion whilst playing contact sports.

Custom mouth guards are made by your DP to fit the teeth and gums closely. He is also able to accurately assess your mouth and provide the best fitting mouthguard that is most appropriate for you and therefore offer greater comfort and protection than pre-fabricated mouth guards.


HiCaps (Health funds)


We have a HICAPS terminal that will process your private fund rebates.  You no longer have to make a separate trip to your private health fund branch to lodge your claim. The claim is finalised on the spot immediately after your treatment.

The refundable amount varies from 0% to 100% depending on what treatment you have received and your particular level of cover. Claims from health insurers vary from one insurer to the next.

HiCaps - ADPA - Vet Affairs